Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why Youth Ministry?

Anyone have an answer?

Why is it we struggle with youth ministry and why should we even have it?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

YM and Its Future

Seems everyone is talking about the future of youth ministry.

So here are some things I suggest youth ministry can do without:

1. Gimmicks - finger blasters, trying to be cool toys to give out!

2. Games - such as chubby bunny or games that just embarrass kids.

3. More books on youth ministry. It seems everyone has written on it.

4. Focus on solely students or just youthworkers. Let's not forget their Number one influence in their lives is their parents.

5. The Blame Game of competing with Extra-curricular activities. I'm so sick of hearing youth pastors whine and complain - Oh, the school is competing or taking away from the students' youth group time or the parents' priorities aren't straight. (I'm thinking UMM Idiot get a life ... the parents are trying to do the best they can about equipping your students to be light into their community instead of the little holy huddle in your youth group bubble?)

6. Complete copying others purpose driven, values, vision, etc without making it your own and adapting it to your context. I get it. Doug Fields is great but in middle of nowhere nebraska the whole let's be completely like the next mega church Guy doesn't work. Students can smell a Rat.

What things do you think Youth ministry can do without?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things I dislike about Youth Ministry

1. People - they can be annoying at times.

2. Authority - everyone trying to be on a power trip!

3. Gimmicks - can we quit trying to be some clown and trying to get everyone to come to the circus?

4. Parents - why are you expecting me to fix your kid?

5. Senior pastors. Placing the blame on me doesn't help!

6. Apathetic students. who cares that you are a herk; you need to be told that time to time.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


y dew peeps think their kid iz th most specialist kid n th world & church rules need 2 b changed 4 them?

parentalz r funny & dragon mommas will alwayz kare 4 their kid & attak if they feel a threat, doesn't matter if th threat is real or not

just kurious

Saturday, July 7, 2007

I've Got a Few Words for Ya!

It use to be Generation X's motto of "I've got two words for ya"

And then of course there is the old knowing lines from movies - such from Tom Hanks in "League of Their Own" - "There's no crying in baseball" (Unless you're a Yankees Fan this year)

And of course I think the newest line or oldest line in Youth Ministry "There's No Crying in Youth Ministry."

I've seen the tears. I've seen them not only from youth and emotions and hormones run wild but of youthworkers. Sure there are times to quit; sure there are times when the church abuses you; sure there are times when bad things happen but fact is - God doesn't want the weak to lead nor babies to keep focusing on the elementary things.

Youth Ministry isn't for whiners, criers, quitters, or is it a stepping stone, easy, all fun and games, babysitting, or for just the young or just the old.

Whiners need not apply!

There is NO Crying in Youth Ministry.

Youth Ministry is tough. Youth Ministry is for those that feel the call to love God's people that want to love God. Who see beyond themselves and see what God can do rather than what they can do on their own.

Youth Ministry isn't about gimmicks; being first; last or inbetween. It is about passion. It is about grace, mercy, forgiveness, pressing on, not looking back but stepping forward to see where God can take you and other people in being the Church where you are!

The problem is we have too many whiners in youth ministry. We have too many churches that just don't get what youth ministry is about. It isn't so much about teens, family, nor increasing the size of your group as it is as much about doing what God would have us to do.

It isn't for the weak, lame, those that want to do nothing but for those that can't depend upon themselves and can give none of the credit but to the Lord.

Badically Youth Ministry is more about Jesus and less about us. The more our churches get that point - the better off we'll be.

A Riddle

So what is Michael Jackson's

favorite Hymn?

I know this is probably wrong to say but man it was funny when I heard it at a week of camp.

"He Touched Me" I'll never listen to that song the same ever!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

And the point of that was?

I just got off the phone with the Chairman of the Elder Board from my former church. He was calling because the elders are calling everyone that has left the church over the past couple of years...

The entire experience was surreal...
He read the questions that he was given, and then wrote down my answers...

The whole experience felt like communicating unexpectedly with an ex-girlfriend after years of not communicating. I could feel the awkwardness that he felt in calling me and asking me if I had anything that I felt needed to be communicated to the elders, and then not really knowing what to say when I answered by saying that I had said everything that I needed to say when I had resigned...

Very wierd...