Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things I dislike about Youth Ministry

1. People - they can be annoying at times.

2. Authority - everyone trying to be on a power trip!

3. Gimmicks - can we quit trying to be some clown and trying to get everyone to come to the circus?

4. Parents - why are you expecting me to fix your kid?

5. Senior pastors. Placing the blame on me doesn't help!

6. Apathetic students. who cares that you are a herk; you need to be told that time to time.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


y dew peeps think their kid iz th most specialist kid n th world & church rules need 2 b changed 4 them?

parentalz r funny & dragon mommas will alwayz kare 4 their kid & attak if they feel a threat, doesn't matter if th threat is real or not

just kurious

Saturday, July 7, 2007

I've Got a Few Words for Ya!

It use to be Generation X's motto of "I've got two words for ya"

And then of course there is the old knowing lines from movies - such from Tom Hanks in "League of Their Own" - "There's no crying in baseball" (Unless you're a Yankees Fan this year)

And of course I think the newest line or oldest line in Youth Ministry "There's No Crying in Youth Ministry."

I've seen the tears. I've seen them not only from youth and emotions and hormones run wild but of youthworkers. Sure there are times to quit; sure there are times when the church abuses you; sure there are times when bad things happen but fact is - God doesn't want the weak to lead nor babies to keep focusing on the elementary things.

Youth Ministry isn't for whiners, criers, quitters, or is it a stepping stone, easy, all fun and games, babysitting, or for just the young or just the old.

Whiners need not apply!

There is NO Crying in Youth Ministry.

Youth Ministry is tough. Youth Ministry is for those that feel the call to love God's people that want to love God. Who see beyond themselves and see what God can do rather than what they can do on their own.

Youth Ministry isn't about gimmicks; being first; last or inbetween. It is about passion. It is about grace, mercy, forgiveness, pressing on, not looking back but stepping forward to see where God can take you and other people in being the Church where you are!

The problem is we have too many whiners in youth ministry. We have too many churches that just don't get what youth ministry is about. It isn't so much about teens, family, nor increasing the size of your group as it is as much about doing what God would have us to do.

It isn't for the weak, lame, those that want to do nothing but for those that can't depend upon themselves and can give none of the credit but to the Lord.

Badically Youth Ministry is more about Jesus and less about us. The more our churches get that point - the better off we'll be.

A Riddle

So what is Michael Jackson's

favorite Hymn?

I know this is probably wrong to say but man it was funny when I heard it at a week of camp.

"He Touched Me" I'll never listen to that song the same ever!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

And the point of that was?

I just got off the phone with the Chairman of the Elder Board from my former church. He was calling because the elders are calling everyone that has left the church over the past couple of years...

The entire experience was surreal...
He read the questions that he was given, and then wrote down my answers...

The whole experience felt like communicating unexpectedly with an ex-girlfriend after years of not communicating. I could feel the awkwardness that he felt in calling me and asking me if I had anything that I felt needed to be communicated to the elders, and then not really knowing what to say when I answered by saying that I had said everything that I needed to say when I had resigned...

Very wierd...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Oh how I missed this feeling...

It happened again.

I swore to myself back in December that I was done sending out resumes...
I was (am) sick of the church hiring process...
I was (am) sick of being fed misinformation by churches so that they can keep me on the hook in case something does not work out...

So I was told that I was in the "final four" for a job that I sent a resume in for. I was then told that due to an overwhelming amount of work, that the process was being delayed for three weeks, while the staff dealt with some projects that needed immediate attention.

Today, three weeks later, I was told that in the past three weeks, the top candidate was interviewed, flown out for a visit, and offered a job.

Hello, integrity?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's May

Just when I am settled a bit into a new job and am very thankful for my journey over the past months and year, May hits.

I do not know what it is about May, but it is a bad month in youth ministry.

Some people I know are moving on to other things and resigning their positions.

Others have been suddenly let go and are left shaking their heads about everything.

Guess it is May

Sunday, May 13, 2007

rejoyce or kry?

herd from a frend th@t 1 of th church leederz @ the church th@t fired me left

he finallee grew tired of all th krap & lize from God's annointed

butt if a pastor lize 2 get hiz way iz he really God's annointed?

i didnt kry butt i wuz sad

so bad 2 c a church divided bi th 1 who is suppose 2 unite

bak - sorta



hadnt blogd n a yle

miss it

hopefully i'l b bak 4 a bit

Friday, April 27, 2007

I made the call

I just accepted the great job opportunity and will be starting in almost 3weeks. That's not very long to have everything packed up, give notice to my current part time job and say all of the goobyes. Since God is calling, pack and go is what will happen. I am excited about the new chapter in my story and to see what life is like not working for a church. Adventure, here I come!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Light in the tunnel

I have spent many hours on the road interviewing at various jobs and flying to random cities recently. At this point, it looks like just more packing is going to happen as I wait to see about job offers. There are a couple options at this point, and the waiting game is upon me, just seeing if they offer a position and if it is a good fit. There is one job I would really like. It would be working with a great group of people in a place where I would be really challenged.

Some of the jobs, I just do not really want. They are at unhealthy places, where healthy boundaries for my life, family & friends do not exist.

One position is a joke. There is the expectation of many hours of work, some just sitting around waiting for people to need you, pretty much almost in the middle of no where. Boundaries between work and everything else do not exist. Support is imaginary, as is supervision or professional growth. Now if it was financially good, I could go there and get paid alot to do barely anything constructive, but the wage is significanly below competitive for the field, and it's lower than low.

However, I have to ask myself, could that be what God is opening up and where I am called to be for now? Moreso, financially do I need to take this position? It is something more than now and I have responsibilities.

The answer is no! God does call people to unhealthy difficult situations, as I was in the past. But now God is not calling me to that place, which blatently has red flags all over it. Red flags are God's way of saying, hold on, check this out further, and when there are so many, "DANGER!DANGER! AVOID THIS ROAD!" When they are so obvious, it becomes time to run far the other way.

Now I wait, wonder and pray. By the end of the week, I should hear from everyone and wee what God has revealed. I may be off to new great job, ok job, but not bad job. If the bad job is the only option, the bags are being packed anyway and it looks like the move will be to the old family homestead.

Friday, April 6, 2007

All Truth is God's Truth!

So I was eating some pizza and had a thought. Here is the logic I came across in my little feeble mind. All Truth is God's truth, right? so if that is true (which it is) ... then if Jesus is God's Son and Jesus is the Saviour ..(which He is) then He is either the Saviour of all the world or He isn't.

You can't Add qualifiers to truth. Here are some qualifiers I have heard with Jesus being the Saviour.

Jesus is the Saviour to all the world, but especially the Jews because they are God's people and if they don't accept Jesus when the End times come, they still get a Get Out of Jail FREE card.

Or this other qualifier, Jesus is the Saviour but there can be other paths that lead to God. What are these people thinking? It seems that the whole dispensational and universalism views have holes in them. Guess I should be getting back to eating my pizza.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Self Care

It seems like there is no time even for simple things right now in the midst of searching and hard decisions. Between 2 part times jobs which God graciously provided, and the full time search for a job it's been difficult.
There is this innate guilt in the job search when I spend time doing anything other than job hunting. But there are only so many hours that can be spent looking at the job websites everyone else is looking at, and deciding whether or not to apply for jobs that I am not really qualified for.
That is when all my lessons from God about self care come into play. It was a difficult lesson, but I learned that if I did not rest and spend time away from my ministry and teens, that I would quickly burn out and be of no use to them. If I was not growing closer to God then I wouldn't be able to lead them.
Despite all the lessons, self care wasn't easy in ministry, as there is always something else to do, always someone who needs you, always a teen who you could be spending time with, especially those in crisis mode.
Self care is not too easy right now, as my heart is slowly healing from the wounds of ministry and God sometimes seems extremely absent in the job hunt, which leads me to search and search more for job possibilities. Then other times, it is amazing to see God opening up doors for conversations, and allowing me job interviews, and it becomes a little easier.
This time, unlike in early years, I know how to take care of myself better and to make sure to spend time with God. Plus, I thankfully have a great support system of family and friends to help me balance and point out God working in my life when I cannot see it. But do you?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Slippage of Vocabulary

You'd never guess what word I used several times this past week? Now usually I'm pretty good at my talks and well even better at not saying what some consider Cuss words. In this instant though both rules were broken.
I admit, I said Bastard. I admit it probably wasn't my best talk but was commenting on that was what I was born and so was using the literally definition. Some might of been upset of my usage of the word rather than focusing on the message. The message was Our Story being a part of God's story. Andrew introducing Peter to Jesus. So I was basically telling some of my story and well the word just came out. I was born a bastard. It was part of my story. How God redeemed me and still is healing in the midst of my pain.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007



Interesting enough is the equating masturbation to homosexuality but is masturbation even a sin

Solo Sex article

This issue is one the church has to address. Our young people deal with it. Both males and females with the changes. Is it possible to masturbate without sinning? Possible.

One of the interesting challenges I've seen is some young youth leader calling it a sin yet later changing that position. Some married guys get a Vasectomy

and in order for to verify the test (That they are indeed sterile) they have to masturbate and their semen is tested to see if sterile or not? So would they (The men) doing a vasectomy be sinning in order to not have more kids and this decision both husband and wife agreed upon?

I think there are more variables here than people believe. There are the physical changes, the sexual aspect and that of sinning and even the medical aspects. Masturbation isn't a black and white issue. There seems to be room for opinion.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Debunking the Myths

Then there was the 4% lie
Group Magazine
this month debunks the Dropout Rate Myth.
Then of course there is the whole misuse of stats to support one's own agenda. Sure people mean well but please don't try to further lies. It seems Christianity and Youth Ministry especially need their own snopes or truthorfiction site.
I think its being naive, gullible or what have you. We need to use discernment and be as gentle as doves and wise as serpents. Too bad the internet has become a fast place to spreading the myths and urban legends in youth ministry. I wonder if there are more urban legends in youth ministry out there? I wonder if youthministryurbanlegends dot com is taken?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why use War images?

is some debate over the use of Battle Cries, use of War images in Youth Ministry. Why is it so popular?

Whatever happened to being like Jesus: Grace, forgiveness and loving our enemies ? Seems we are so focused on winning that we lose people in the end. I think youth ministries mean well using such imagery just I think it is conveying the wrong message and medium of what Christ meant. Most of the battle terms were addressed to Christians and how we are to be ready and not this let's take 'em and let God sort them out mentality. Afterall with some of this "battle" and war "images" it seems to rely more on themselves rather than on God.

Would do you think? Any problems with the war imagery in youth ministry?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Church Interview Etiquette Source Discovered

I have alot more sympathy for churches who are looking for a new staff member. Youth Workers often complain about how they do not contact those who have applied for positions in a timely manner, and I know why. Church search committees tend to be made up of a group of volunteers who have very busy lives, and who have not been trained in human resources. Their knowledge of how to interview and how to treat the interviewee comes from their own experience searching for a job, which is very worldly and not always kind.
I have found that businesses never contact you to say they got your resume, even after you call multiple times to check on it. Even when you get contact that they got your resume, it's often a long time later, and by a form letter. If you are lucky you will hear about an interview, or get a "no thank you" letter at some point.
This process just leaves me wondering if is what most people in the church knows as interviewing protocol, and then how can we expect churches to be more courteous? Have I (& we) been too harsh on churches who have not communicated in a timely manner, or is this something that is how Christians should be showing the rest of the world how to do?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

long time ago n a church far far away

so, i'm @ a store 4 th 1st time with my offspring

walkin 2 our chariot & i c th lady who wanted me fired ohh so many years ago

evryone knew she wanted me fired & eventually i wuz told "i'm tired of fighting her off" by th senior pastor, so i left

i looked @ her and said her name - no response

saird her first and last name louder - she looked up & it wuz az if i wus watching someon watching a ghost

"it's hometown, how iz the family?"

faint "fine" wuz uttered

she wuz def th deer n th headlights so i said, "good 2 see u, tell th family hi, i have 2 run w my offspring"

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Things that I do not miss about Pastoring in a church...

I was tag surfing on wordpress tonight, and stumbled across this...

Utterly amazing...

Friday, February 2, 2007

Unprepared for Job Hunt

Upon graduating from college I quickly began my first ministry position and that been what I've done. Now, I am just learning how hard the job search process is for everyone in the business world. I know what to expect from churches, know alot of the right questions to ask to discover red flags, but now it is back to square one.

Financially it stinks.
Someone told me that for every 10K you want to make, then expect 1-2 months of hunting for a job. That is way too much time, and I just keep thinking that the money will not last that long. Thankfully there is some savings in the bank. I cannot imagine someone who lives paycheck to paycheck embarking on this process.

Success now has a new definition
One of the first steps was making my resume understandable to those who do not understand ministry, and do not get our language. Simplifying what I've done into generic terms, life it's not fellowship, it's now social events, or it's not mission trips, it's service projects, and heck with mentioning worship. Next, I had to look at my experience in terms of worldly success, because they value the contribution you can make to bottom line (read:$) of the company. This is the biggest disconnect for me, we do not measure success in youth ministry by numbers of youth attending an event or how many programs we offer our students. Our youth ministry is not valuable based on how much money we do not spend in our budgets. It is all about how many lives we touch and how they are growing in their relationships with God. All of our success is not tangible and may not happen for many years. However, I need to show the non-profit world that I am valuable to their business.

People are rude
Most youth workers complain about how churches are not courteous in their job search processes, which is true, and then should be better than the business world. The business world is pretty rude in the whole process though, and I highly doubt they realize what they are doing to people and their families.

I am ready for this to be over.

Monday, January 29, 2007

t0p 20 uth dudez-n-dudettez

i'm not on the t0p 20 uth dudez-n-dudettez list
wunder if id make the t0p 200 or 2,000 uth dudez-n-dudettez list?

maybee nxt yr there will b more catagoreeez, lyke th oscars:

t0p 20 uth dudez-n-dudettez in non-megachurch churches

t0p 20 uth dudez-n-dudettez who were wrongly fired

t0p 10 uth dudez-n-dudette who had 4 or more youth lok-inz in one year

t0p 10 uth dudettez doing youth ministry.

hopefully knowbody will think they suck cuz they rn't on th list.

make Gzus happy not the reasearcher who decided theze were the t0p 20 uth dudez-n-dudettez

i'm sure most of them on th list know and luv Gzus but still, weied

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The Nameless Youth Pastors blog is making the move from WordPress to Blogger.

The people voted and the majority of votes were for Blogger to be the new blogging tool of choice.

We had no way to move the old posts from WordPress into Blogger. So, 2007 is a new year and a new start for the Nameless-YP blog.

The original members (and perhaps a few new members as well) of the Nameless-YP blog will be added as time permits and, hopefully, regular dialogue and discussion will resume. On top of that, we will be taking a look at why the Nameless-YP blog was originally created, continues to exist, and what plans we have for the future.

Nameless-YP members: For details, please email Modern-day Gomer.

May the Lord be with you and may you be blessed as you travel down the path you find yourself on.