Thursday, February 15, 2007

long time ago n a church far far away

so, i'm @ a store 4 th 1st time with my offspring

walkin 2 our chariot & i c th lady who wanted me fired ohh so many years ago

evryone knew she wanted me fired & eventually i wuz told "i'm tired of fighting her off" by th senior pastor, so i left

i looked @ her and said her name - no response

saird her first and last name louder - she looked up & it wuz az if i wus watching someon watching a ghost

"it's hometown, how iz the family?"

faint "fine" wuz uttered

she wuz def th deer n th headlights so i said, "good 2 see u, tell th family hi, i have 2 run w my offspring"

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Things that I do not miss about Pastoring in a church...

I was tag surfing on wordpress tonight, and stumbled across this...

Utterly amazing...

Friday, February 2, 2007

Unprepared for Job Hunt

Upon graduating from college I quickly began my first ministry position and that been what I've done. Now, I am just learning how hard the job search process is for everyone in the business world. I know what to expect from churches, know alot of the right questions to ask to discover red flags, but now it is back to square one.

Financially it stinks.
Someone told me that for every 10K you want to make, then expect 1-2 months of hunting for a job. That is way too much time, and I just keep thinking that the money will not last that long. Thankfully there is some savings in the bank. I cannot imagine someone who lives paycheck to paycheck embarking on this process.

Success now has a new definition
One of the first steps was making my resume understandable to those who do not understand ministry, and do not get our language. Simplifying what I've done into generic terms, life it's not fellowship, it's now social events, or it's not mission trips, it's service projects, and heck with mentioning worship. Next, I had to look at my experience in terms of worldly success, because they value the contribution you can make to bottom line (read:$) of the company. This is the biggest disconnect for me, we do not measure success in youth ministry by numbers of youth attending an event or how many programs we offer our students. Our youth ministry is not valuable based on how much money we do not spend in our budgets. It is all about how many lives we touch and how they are growing in their relationships with God. All of our success is not tangible and may not happen for many years. However, I need to show the non-profit world that I am valuable to their business.

People are rude
Most youth workers complain about how churches are not courteous in their job search processes, which is true, and then should be better than the business world. The business world is pretty rude in the whole process though, and I highly doubt they realize what they are doing to people and their families.

I am ready for this to be over.