Thursday, March 29, 2007

Slippage of Vocabulary

You'd never guess what word I used several times this past week? Now usually I'm pretty good at my talks and well even better at not saying what some consider Cuss words. In this instant though both rules were broken.
I admit, I said Bastard. I admit it probably wasn't my best talk but was commenting on that was what I was born and so was using the literally definition. Some might of been upset of my usage of the word rather than focusing on the message. The message was Our Story being a part of God's story. Andrew introducing Peter to Jesus. So I was basically telling some of my story and well the word just came out. I was born a bastard. It was part of my story. How God redeemed me and still is healing in the midst of my pain.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007



Interesting enough is the equating masturbation to homosexuality but is masturbation even a sin

Solo Sex article

This issue is one the church has to address. Our young people deal with it. Both males and females with the changes. Is it possible to masturbate without sinning? Possible.

One of the interesting challenges I've seen is some young youth leader calling it a sin yet later changing that position. Some married guys get a Vasectomy

and in order for to verify the test (That they are indeed sterile) they have to masturbate and their semen is tested to see if sterile or not? So would they (The men) doing a vasectomy be sinning in order to not have more kids and this decision both husband and wife agreed upon?

I think there are more variables here than people believe. There are the physical changes, the sexual aspect and that of sinning and even the medical aspects. Masturbation isn't a black and white issue. There seems to be room for opinion.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Debunking the Myths

Then there was the 4% lie
Group Magazine
this month debunks the Dropout Rate Myth.
Then of course there is the whole misuse of stats to support one's own agenda. Sure people mean well but please don't try to further lies. It seems Christianity and Youth Ministry especially need their own snopes or truthorfiction site.
I think its being naive, gullible or what have you. We need to use discernment and be as gentle as doves and wise as serpents. Too bad the internet has become a fast place to spreading the myths and urban legends in youth ministry. I wonder if there are more urban legends in youth ministry out there? I wonder if youthministryurbanlegends dot com is taken?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why use War images?

is some debate over the use of Battle Cries, use of War images in Youth Ministry. Why is it so popular?

Whatever happened to being like Jesus: Grace, forgiveness and loving our enemies ? Seems we are so focused on winning that we lose people in the end. I think youth ministries mean well using such imagery just I think it is conveying the wrong message and medium of what Christ meant. Most of the battle terms were addressed to Christians and how we are to be ready and not this let's take 'em and let God sort them out mentality. Afterall with some of this "battle" and war "images" it seems to rely more on themselves rather than on God.

Would do you think? Any problems with the war imagery in youth ministry?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Church Interview Etiquette Source Discovered

I have alot more sympathy for churches who are looking for a new staff member. Youth Workers often complain about how they do not contact those who have applied for positions in a timely manner, and I know why. Church search committees tend to be made up of a group of volunteers who have very busy lives, and who have not been trained in human resources. Their knowledge of how to interview and how to treat the interviewee comes from their own experience searching for a job, which is very worldly and not always kind.
I have found that businesses never contact you to say they got your resume, even after you call multiple times to check on it. Even when you get contact that they got your resume, it's often a long time later, and by a form letter. If you are lucky you will hear about an interview, or get a "no thank you" letter at some point.
This process just leaves me wondering if is what most people in the church knows as interviewing protocol, and then how can we expect churches to be more courteous? Have I (& we) been too harsh on churches who have not communicated in a timely manner, or is this something that is how Christians should be showing the rest of the world how to do?