Thursday, December 18, 2008

YM and Its Future

Seems everyone is talking about the future of youth ministry.

So here are some things I suggest youth ministry can do without:

1. Gimmicks - finger blasters, trying to be cool toys to give out!

2. Games - such as chubby bunny or games that just embarrass kids.

3. More books on youth ministry. It seems everyone has written on it.

4. Focus on solely students or just youthworkers. Let's not forget their Number one influence in their lives is their parents.

5. The Blame Game of competing with Extra-curricular activities. I'm so sick of hearing youth pastors whine and complain - Oh, the school is competing or taking away from the students' youth group time or the parents' priorities aren't straight. (I'm thinking UMM Idiot get a life ... the parents are trying to do the best they can about equipping your students to be light into their community instead of the little holy huddle in your youth group bubble?)

6. Complete copying others purpose driven, values, vision, etc without making it your own and adapting it to your context. I get it. Doug Fields is great but in middle of nowhere nebraska the whole let's be completely like the next mega church Guy doesn't work. Students can smell a Rat.

What things do you think Youth ministry can do without?

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Jason said...

AGREED! I do think it is necessary to stop trying to be like everyone else and find your own thing. We need to meet the teens we serve where they are at, not get them to find us and meet us where we are. I also agree with your comment on parents. If we really want to change the teens it needs to start where they spend the most time, in their home. We need to start working on a family approach ministry. I tell my parents all the time that I only have at best a half an hour a week with their teen, and that isn't even 1 on 1. They have the most ability to connect with their teen, they need to stop blaming me when their student goes bad. I also vow to not read anymore books that are going to tell me "what needs to change in youth ministry". I just read the "3.0" version and have already decided that we are going to need a "4.0" and "5.0" pretty soon since the guy who wrote "3.0" said he never really like "2.0" Even though he and his "ministry" have made a ton of money off guys like us who buy their stuff so that we can be just like them!